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Dynamic figure

December 1, 2003
In Korea, they like inflatable decorations.

In Korea, they like inflatable decorations. By night, bar owners display a luminescent inflatable beer mug outside their bars, the owners of “nariban” with karaoke display a microphone and restaurateurs an inflatable piglet, hen or cow (depending on the restaurant specialization). These inflatable objects are very simple in design. They include a shell, attached to a base, and a small compressor. The compressor inflates the shell and continues to work adding the air to compensate for the leaks.
The most popular inflatable model used at every festival, not to mention opening of a new shop, looks as follows. Imagine a huge multi-meter figure similar to a human figure a long large-handed body with a small head on top. It behaves very dynamically doubles up, then stands up and throws up its arms. Then it rapidly lies down as if trying to grasp something. The cycle recurs and every time the figure's behavior is slightly different. This spectacle arrests attention of curious idlers for a long time.
Meantime, the construction is very simple: a tubular canvas shell with sleeves painted to remind of a human figure is open at the top. When air starts to fill the shell, a fold is formed, a kind of a valve that prevents air from entering the shell. Air moves the movable valve upward, the figure rises until the holes at the top open. Air escapes abruptly and the figure folds up. Such a mechanism is used to delay deployment of a space mirror shell.
Fortunately such figures are usually made merry and smiling. And imagine that they are painted as scarecrows! An emotional person would immediately show his heels!


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