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Miracle bed

October 13, 2003
Hope sprang with mankind that this invention will help to do away with backache.

Doctors advise all people suffering from osteochondrosis to sleep on a hard bed. But everyone who has slept on such a bed knows that sleep turns into a real anguish because the back gets numb, you turn over and over in your bed and your muscles do not relax. 
The inventor Vera Rybalkina from Tula was a schoolgirl when she designed a bed capable of curing people with spinal diseases. The main disadvantage of a hard mattress is continuation of its advantages. The mattress not only fixes a backbone but also acts on the back muscles forbidding their relaxation. In addition to considerable inconvenience it impairs blood supply to the injured backbone. All attempts to make a hard mattress adjusted to a human figure fail because all people have different figures. Even with ideal adjustment of a mattress to a figure, it will be convenient only for one position of a body.
What do we need to coordinate while designing such a mattress? It is necessary to fix a backbone and to preserve a certain mobility of the back muscles at the same time. Only the part of the mattress located under the sick man's back should be hard. The solution was the mattress segmentation into two parts a hard one and a soft one and dynamization of the hard mattress in one direction.
A miracle bed consists of two parts: legs are placed on an ordinary mattress and a torso is placed on a special mattress covered with a special plate. The plate is hard longitudinally and flexible transversely. While sleeping, the backbone is straight and the back muscles can relax.
– The doctors of Tula City Hospital say that blood supply to injured vertebrae is restored, pain disappears, and recovery starts.
The model of the miracle bed that helps people suffering from backache took part in numerous Russian and foreign exhibitions. Now the young inventor and her research supervisor are looking for money necessary for starting production of this bed.


Source: www.kp.ru.  


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